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Wine Club Member Info Updater

Please use this secure form to update the credit card information on file for the DuCard Wine Club (if you have address changes or changes to Hold vs. OK to Ship status or other changes that do not require this security, please just continue to email or call us as per existing practice).

We know it’s a bother to have to update expired card numbers or new expiration dates, or replace your card due to “Target” and other security breaches, and we know that you want to be able to provide us this information in a secure way.

The information you send us using this form is encrypted and fully secure.

We will continue to email you about upcoming expriation dates, and any declined card issues we come across, but this form should make it easier for you to provide us this information in a timely and convenient way.

You will receive an automated confirmation of your submission, and with this information you’ll continue to receive your DuCard Wine Club allocations without interruption.