Wine Club allocation


Please use this form to make your selection of ‘upsizing’ or ‘supersizing’ your upcoming Wine Club allocation.

The details regarding free delivery / shipping are included below.

Hold for Pick Up members:  We will have your allocations ready for you next time you come to DuCard.  But, if you want them delivered locally or shipped via UPS (free for Supersized to 6 bottles … or a case !), just let us know in the Comments field below.

OK to Ship members:  Please note that due to a wormhole in the UPS system, if you Upsize to 4 bottles the shipping cost is the same as what you’re charged for 2 bottles (don’t tell UPS !), so that’s no additional cost to ship the total of 4 bottles.

If you Supersize to 6 bottles (or a full 12 bottle case) we will ship the entire package for free – so that’s free shipping for all the wine (don’t tell Scott’s accountant !).

Your added support of DuCard by selecting one of these options is most appreciated.  Thank you.

    Hold for Pick Up members:

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    Thanks for your support for DuCard - enjoy the wines.