OLLI Happy Hour with DuCard Vineyards

Thanks for your interest in the upcoming happy hour.  We’ll taste some wine and use it to get the conversation started.  Just a fun and innovative new idea.

We will provide a package of two wines for the event:  our new Decade One Rose and Decade One White – both new releases in conjunction with our 10 year anniversary celebration going on now.  We will describe them, and tell our story, during the event.

For this program we will provide free home delivery of the wines – if you live in reasonable proximity to Route 29 (we will decide that !).  If not, we will ship via UPS at a $20 flat rate.  As an alternative we can leave the wine at the OLLI office for you to pick up, but only if you specifically choose that option.  Kindly indicate which method you prefer from the drop down method.  We will confirm with you after submission.

The wines are priced at the consumer friendly and historically significant price of $20.10 each (as we opened in 2010), so your wine charges will be $40.20 plus tax. 

DuCard accepts VISA and MasterCard (card #s have 16 digits to enter)

The information you send us using this form is encrypted and fully secure.  We will send you a separate confirmation email.

Thanks – we look forward to hosting an innovative, fun event.