Media Kit


For members of the press, please use the resources below for approved logos and available B-roll footage. For photos or quotes please contact DuCard directly.

DuCard Logos

DuCard Vineyards logos are available below as high resolution JPEG files suitable for websites, social media, e-news and other on-screen uses. Screen files are NOT scalable and must be used at the size provided or smaller. DuCard logos must be prominent on a page and not overpowered by background colors or other images.

DuCard Fonts

These are the preferred fonts for DuCard Vineyards materials.
Text: Adobe Garamond
Headlines: Bernhard Modern BT

Guidelines for Use of the DuCard Vineyards Brand Identity

DuCard Vineyards exclusively owns the rights to its brand identity and has established guidelines for special use of its logo by other parties. Intended use of the DuCard Vineyards logo by other parties must be approved by DuCard Vineyards prior to printing, posting online or any other use. Logo colors may not be changed, nor may logo elements be used independently without the full logo. The logo may ONLY be used as shown herein. Additional uses of the logo and brand identity materials may be utilized by DuCard Vineyards, with greater variation than is set forth in these guidelines, at its sole discretion. These variations may NOT be replicated by other parties.

DuCard Colors

The color palette for the DuCard Vineyards brand is below.

CMYK: 0/0/0/100
RGB: 0/0/0

CMYK: 30/50/85/0
RGB: 187/136/72

CMYK: 0/0/0/40
RGB: 167/170/172