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Thank You HEROES wine


Thanks for your interest in our Thank You Heroes wine program.  We will be delighted to help you recognize and honor your own personal hero with a personally labelled bottle of DuCard Thank You HEROES Rose. 

“Every night on the news I see fantastic people serving the community during this crisis. I’m the owner of DuCard Vineyards, announcing a new Thank You Heroes wine to pay tribute to someone you know who’s a hero:  front line doctors and nurses, elder care workers, food bank volunteers or whoever.  We will write their name right on the label and deliver it to them locally for free.  And I will donate the proceeds to local non-profits.” – Scott Elliff

DuCard is kicking off the program by honoring two of our own heroes.  Shannon and Francesca, shown in the labelled bottles above are former team members who are now front line nurses.  We’re proud of you, ladies, and thank you for your service.

Price is $39 plus tax – local free delivery is included.  Out of area, we will ship via UPS shipping and charge you at our cost (see below).  Quantities are limited and will be fulfilled in the order received.

Please complete the order form below

We can deliver the bottle to you for you to give to your hero, or we can deliver it directly to your hero – indicate your choice on the form below.   If we are delivering it to you, you will write the hero’s name on the bottle label with a Sharpie.  If we are delivering it directly to your hero we will write their name on the bottle, so we will need their name exactly as you want it written, plus their delivery address and contact info.  We will also include in the delivery a gift card that has your name as the purchaser.

Free delivery (to Hero or to you) is included, in our local area, basically the Route 29 corridor:  Charlottesville, Greene, Madison, Culpeper and parts of Rappahannock and Orange.  UPS shipping will be used for addresses outside of the delivery area, and you will be billed (estimated cost:  $25)

NOTE:  we can only deliver to residential addresses – hospitals and other organizations will often not accept packages.

Finally, we encourage you to post a picture of your hero, and any brief tribute information you wish, on the DuCard Facebook page – as a ‘comment’ on the Thank You Heroes post.

DuCard accepts VISA and MasterCard (card #s have 16 digits to enter)

The information you send us using this form is encrypted and fully secure.  We will send you a separate confirmation email.

Here are the details on non-profit recipients, administered through the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation:

(1) the Dr. Laura Breem Fund, established to provide mental and emotional support services to front line doctors and nurses, in tribute to the New York physician who took her own life while visiting relatives here in Charlottesville, due to apparent stress and despair over her coronavirus caseload.

(2) the COVID relief grant program to fund supplies and services for the numerous local non-profits involved in this crisis – food banks, elderly care and many others.  All Heroes for sure.

Thanks for honoring a Hero.