Fine Wine Confidential – in depth interview with owner Scott

Longtime California wine industry veteran and recent transplant to Charlottesville, Fred Reno has taken on an incredible project to document the modern history of Virginia wine through in-depth discussions with notable members of our industry.

We were delighted to sit for an extensive interview in late 2020, covering our journey, philosophy and perspective on the crazy fun of growing grapes and making fine wine in Virginia.  This is a 40 minutes segment, so you’re encouraged to open a nice bottle from your cellar and sit back and relax for the podcast.

The full collection of nearly 50 segments is an oral history of the Virginia wine industry, as told by the people who led the way in putting Virginia on the US and world wine map – being developed at a unique time when many of them  are still alive and involved in the industry. Fred will be donating this series to the University of Virginia so that it will be available to future generations, who can listen to stories of ‘the bad old days.’

Podcast: DuCard Vineyards

“This is Fred Reno and I’m here today in beautiful Madison County Virginia, home to DuCard Vineyards, to learn about this outstanding and unique operation from owner Scott Elliff.”